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Listango is a simple bookmarking tool that makes it easy for users to save, organize and share their favorite web pages.


Listango was developed in 2012 by two guys looking to build a better bookmarking app.

What makes us different?

We know we are not the first to launch a cloud bookmarking service. But we created Listango because we weren’t satisfied with existing bookmarking tools. Here are some ways we are different:

  • Most of the existing bookmarking tools are stuck in 2005. Listango was designed for 2012. From the start we set out to develop a clean and simple interface that allows users to focus on organizing their bookmarks, while avoiding the clutter found on other sites.
  • On most sites, anything you submit becomes publicly available for anyone to see. On Listango, the user decides which links they wish to make public or keep private. Users can set any of their lists as private to keep others from viewing their links.

Key features

  • access bookmarks from any device, using any web browser
  • organize bookmarks into lists
  • save web articles to read later
  • share links with friends using email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • keep private lists that only you can view
  • search feature to find bookmarks you saved

Some ways people use Listango

  • Bookmark your favorite blogs
    Save links to your favorite web logs in a “Blogs” list.
  • Movie list
    Find upcoming films you want to see and save them to a “Must-See Movies” list.
  • Plan a trip to Paris
    Create a list called “Paris Trip” to plan your trip. Then search the web for hotels, restaurants, and activities and save the best links to your list.
  • Buy a new camera
    Do your research online and save links to a list called “Cameras”.
  • Order takeout
    Set up a “Takeout” list to store links to your favorite takeout menus.
  • Go shopping
    Plan your holiday shopping online and save your links to a “Shopping List”.

Video demo

A video demo of Listango is available on YouTube:


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Web Screenshots

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